About Cinderella Nails

What can you do for your favorite Disney princess, that has given you so much joy so far? If you are a constant visitor on our website, then you may have ran a lot of errands for Disney princesses you like most. So, why don`t you help a princess once again? Cinderella desperately wants to attend the ball Prince Charming threw, but as you know, she does not have enough time to prepare herself, since her stepmother, Lady Tremaine, a terrible, wicked woman, always gives Cinderella lots of household chores to work on. That is when the Fairy Godmother came to her and helped Cinderella design an enchanting, beautiful gown. Then she turned a pumpkin into a wonderful carriage, and summoned Cinderella to be back home until the stroke of midnight. However, Cinderella still has her nails to be prepared for the ball. Since Fairy Godmother can not do anything with them, will you be the one to help Princess Cinderella with her nails? Choose from a wide variety of polishes, and pick a color that suits Cinderella`s gown best. In order to give Cinderella`s nails that young, original look, pick some nail stickers and apply them to Cinderella`s hands. As to make Cinderella stand out from the crowd, you can give her a shine by choosing a perfect ring or a bracelet. Simply drag the items on Cinderella`s hands. Help your favorite princess with this important task and let her have a wonderful night at the palace!

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