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How wonderful to meet a new day somewhere in the midst of a Scotland field. To let the wind mess your hair and to listen to some Scotland folk music. But Scotland`s Highland has some ancient traditions, which you will have to obey, once you step on its grounds. Just up ahead, there is an arrow shooting contest and guess what – your favorite Disney princess – Merida will be participating! Are you in? If yes, then you have to know that willful and boisterous Merida is not the only one to participate in the contest. You can play as either Merida, MacGuffin, Young Macintosh or Wee Dingwall! The contest challenges different abilities – concentration, strength, skill, focus and luck! All the characters have their individual skills and you can turn them to your advantage. While bold Merida is the most balanced from among the participants, young MacGuffin, for instance, although lacks communication skills and intelligence, is by far the strongest character in the game! So choose players based on your playing style – do you love precision and steadiness or you prefer brute strength instead? You will have to hold and release your mouse button to take a good shoot. Shoot at the target and try to hit its center in order to score the most points. But don`t shoot only your targets. Some of the arrows, such as iron arrows, can smash through bays of hay and even through ice and wood! Smash everything on your way and you will reveal some hidden items which will grant you points. Play with the characters that fits you, choose the arrows you prefer, have a steady aim and win the shooting contest! Up for the medals!

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