Love at first bright

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About Love at first bright Game

It often happens that Disney princesses, due to their kindness and gentleness, become friends with the most extraordinary creatures. And by extraordinary we do not necessarily mean someone huge and powerful. A extraordinary creature may be a beautiful, flying horse who is, however, afraid of flying, or a firefly that is in love with the Evening Star! Yes, Tiana meets Ray, the firefly, who above his being fearless and friendly, has a deep love for the Evening Star, whom he calls Evangeline. However, though he loves her very much, she is still distant to him and he can never reach her. Nevertheless, every sing night, Ray the firefly tries to reach his love, Evangeline. And you know what? With your help he can do it. This very night, Ray would meet his love, if you gave him a hand. Take Ray`s advice at the beginning of the game and prepare to experience a magical fly above New Orleans rooftops. Your goal is to connect Ray to Evangeline, the brightest star on the sky. In order to do that, Ray will have to guide his path using the other, less brighter stars. With the use of your mouse, you can set his path to the Evangeline, for which you will receive points. Building your path, you and Ray may also encounter several bonuses that will boost your score, or even undo some of your moves. The trick is to be going on paths just once, only once! If you have to retake a path on the night sky, you will be stuck for good. Also, the more paths you explore on your way to your love, the more points you get the end of the level. So, think it well and don`t forget that time is running against you. Help the romantic, friendly firefly Ray to meet his love Evangeline, in his beautiful, challenging game. Have fun!

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