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Disney games are awesome, that`s for sure! And our website is even more Awesome, since it brings a wider variety of Disney games, all for free! Where else but here, could you speed away in a carriage, rushing to your royal ball until midnight? Where else could you fly a magical flying carpet over the Arabian grounds? And where else, but only here, could you play jazz along with frogs and alligators from New Orleans Bayous? Upon kissing the frog she had recently met, Tiana herself transformed into a frog. What she didn`t knew though, was that a breath-taking adventure was waiting for her. Along with Prince Naveen they went through New Orleans Bayous, making new acquaintances during the day. However, when the night falls, the marshes are usually lighted by fireflies. The alligators leave their damp houses and the whole water surface reverberates with music. Yes, there is a swamp band playing somewhere around and Tiana with Naveen have to join it! Sit tight and prepare to play some music along with Tiana, Naveen and their swamp friends. Do you see the frogs playing at trumpets on your screen? Join them and let the bayous sound! To keep with the music, you have to use the arrow keys on your keyboard. Hit the correct sequence of music notes as the lily pads flow into the zone between the dotted lines. As the song plays, don`t forget to hit the bonus notes for a bonus score! There are several composition for you to play. Can you give your best performance and beat your high scores in all the songs? Let`s see! Let the swamps sound with the jazz rhythm while you`re having fun with your friends, Naveen and Princess Tiana.

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