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If someone told you there is going to be a big royal ball in the country, will you attend it? And what would you do if your, let`s say, stepmother, didn`t want you to go there? What Cinderella would recommend you to do is to believe in magic. And magic is somewhere around us – don`t even have doubts about it! Not that magic merely exists, it can help anyone to accomplish their sacred dreams. Thus, when Fairy Godmother turns a big, orange pumpkin into wonderful carriage, there is nothing for us to do, but to wander! But that`s not all. This game takes it even further. Now, not only Cinderella got a chance to attend at the royal ball, but she also has an opportunity to decorate the ballroom! However, she doesn`t have that much time, so she counts on your help. Would you do that for her? Feel free do fill the beautiful ballroom with all the accessories needed – from curtains to gifts for all the attends to enjoy. Decorate a perfect ballroom for Cinderella to spent her time in. But this game isn`t all about decoration. It also features a music game and a memory game. In fact, both of the games function as a some kind of a memory game that is vital for kids` education. In the actual memory game, you task will be to match cards with the same images. The music game is even more enthralling, or maybe we just like it more. Now, pay attention. Cinderella`s best friends, such as Jaq, Gus and other mice, will play you a song. Memorize it step by step and try to give your best by replicating the song using your left mouse button on the sections you`ve listen to. Sing a merry tune with the house pets and have some fun!

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