About Cinderella Hidden Objects

All of you watched Disney`s `Cinderella` s movie. It is a wonderful story about a girl who got a chance to participate at a royal ball, but had to flee until the stroke of midnight. However, only a few know, that Cinderella went through more adventures than Disney movie showed us. This game unveils on of her adventures that were never presented on the big screen. Are you in? Before we start, you should know that Lady Tremaine, Cinderella`s stepmother, always scold poor Cinderella for nothing. She would always give Cinderella lots of household chores to do. That is why, before attending at the ball, Cinderella has to finish all her tasks. Will you help her with that? Your goal is to find all the hidden objects on the screen. This objects may vary in shapes, colors or forms. Lady Tremaine concealed them, so that little Cinderella could not find them, and was not be able to attend the ball. But with your help, Cinderella will succeed in finding those objects. All you have to do is to look carefully on the beautiful pictures on your game screen. Among birds and enchanted palaces, among Cinderella and Prince Charming`s kissing, you will find clickable objects. Yes, these are the objects you ought to collect for Lady Tremaine. If you are not sure, however, about the object you`re facing, try and look down at the bottom of your game screen. There you will find all the objects you have to look for. With a little bit of attention, I`m sure you can find them all! Challenge yourself and help Cinderella! Have fun!

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