About Cinderella Room

Have you ever asked yourself what do princesses do after the credits roll and your favorite Disney movie ends? After those endings, they surely live a happy life along with their princes and friends. However, before even starting to live a happy life, a princess must decorate her room in which she will be spending her time. This game gives you the chance to help Cinderella with decorating her new room at Prince Charming`s castle. Will you help her? Disney princesses already know that you are one of the best interior designers up there, so they can trust you. Cinderella wants you to design her a lovely, cosy room, in which she could read her books and not care about doing household chores anymore. Pick the item you want to change in Cinderella`s room, and click on it in order to change its shape and color. You can not move the objects around, but with a fine taste for good looking rooms, you will do just fine. Add some stylish lamps to Princess Cinderella`s room, since she adores well lighted rooms. Don`t forget to decorate her bed. You can choose a large, beautiful one, or a simple bed. Either will do. Cinderella will be just grateful! Have fun!

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