About Magic Picture Book Maker

Let`s be honest – we all like beautiful book covers. A good book cover always draws the reader, no matter what is on the inside. But have you ever asked yourself how do they create such beautiful book covers? And have your ever thought, that you can create a book cover – no – a whole book all by yourself? Well, with this new, interesting Cinderella game, it is possible! Now you can write your own, original Cinderella story! Plot twists? No problem! Inventing new characters? An easy task! Thanks to a wonderfully designed set of tools, you are now the writer. You can turn Fairy Godmother that helped Cinderella prepare for the royal ball, into a horrible, wicked witch! Why, you can make malicious Lady Tremaine into a good character if you want! The possibilities are endless! All you have to learn is how to work with this set of tools the game gives you access to. Start your new Cinderella story by creating a cover for your book. Choose a color and a design and what is more important – don`t forget to choose a title for your story! You can work on the content of the book by choosing pages at the top of your game screen. Don`t hesitate to experiment with the plot. There is a plenty of stickers that you can use on your new book – Cinderella, Lady Tremaine, Fairy Godmother and more! Good characters must also use their voice to tell a story. Use the clouds and insert dialogues. Explore and you will find a lot of options. After all, if you don`t like what you`ve done, you can always erase your story with a splash of water. Be creative, design your own, original Cinderella story and have fun!

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