Triplets Mischief

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About Triplets Mischief Game

All we know that triplets are usually up for a mischief. But when these are the triplets of King Fergus, Princess Merida`s father, the whole thing expands to a whole new level of troubles. It is not double trouble – it is triple trouble! Harris, Hubert and Hamish are likely to cause people some trouble, but of course, they are kids, and moreover, they are the kids of a king, so nobody will scold them for being mischievous. So, Harris, Hubert and Hamish from Disney`s `Brave` are about to go mischievous. Their redhead, little, freckled faces merely shine when they hear about their favorite yummy treat. The triplets are eager to get their hands on it! You will be the one to help them with their treat-hunting. So, prepare for a hunt full of fun! The triplets are hunting for their yummy treat. As you will see upon entering the game, their sweet, tasty treat is hanged up high to the ceiling. As a member of their little, mischievous team, your goal is to get the treat right into the basket on the floor. Triplets don`t come with their hands in the pocket, by the way. They brought a few objects that may come in handy on your quest. You will have cut, shoot, drop weights in order to help the triplets succeed in getting the yummy treat down in the basket. As it goes down, try to collect as many golden stars as you can, for they will grant you bonus points at the end of each round you play. And be accurate, not to drop the cake on the floor. No one will eat it after that, even the mischievous trio!

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