About Merida Dress Up

We are used to call beautiful girls that are born to royal families princesses. As a rule, princesses are intelligent and quite. Most of them go through some incredible struggles with their fear, but in the end, they manage to win. Princess, just like young girl, usually wear dresses, gowns and tiaras. As to make their look even more fashionable, they wear various shining objects, such as necklaces made from pearls or even white gold! But these glamorous and somewhat expensive objects come to Disney princesses after they defeat their long-time enemies and restores love and laughter to their castle. However, believe it or not, there is a princess who dislikes all this fashions. Moreover, she dislikes traditions young princesses have to obey! Instead of dressing in her gown upon awakening, she prefers to dress in a casual, Scottish outfit, go out and practice archery. Did you guess what princess am I talking about? Sure it`s Merida. Who else in Disney world wear their ginger hair with such a pride?! Well, despite of her being boyish and loving archery, this Princess Merida will have to dress in a more `royal` outfit. It is the desire of her father, King Fergus. He prepares a royal meeting at their castle. As Merida can be very stubborn, King Fergus can not impose Merida to wear the dresses he has brought. But guess that – you can! You are a good, old friend of Merida, and you surely know how to convince her. All what is left, is to choose her an outfit. So, go on, dress the ginger Merida!

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