About Kissing Prince

Ah, love is a beautiful thing. It is all about passion. When you feel that your heart skips a beat at seeing a person you like, then you may be dangerously close to that people call love. The Disney princesses know it best. Most of them fought hard to achieve the love they desired. Cinderella, for instance, had to runaway from the royal ball when the clock stroke twelve, since the spell her carriage and gown was under, would brake at midnight. But Merida, the boisterous and stubborn red hair Scottish princess, didn`t want to fall in love! She would be better practicing her archery skills instead of going on a date with some prince. However, when love happens, then it happens, and we should be thankful for that. So, when Merida falls in love with a shepherd from a village near her father`s castle, she lose her head. Don`t you know how girls lose their head when they suddenly and desperately fall in love? Well, it is an amazing thing to witness. As you will soon know, or may have already known, girls in love are mad about kissing! And Merida wants a lot of kisses! What a beautiful thing to receive a love kiss of a princess! But it wouldn`t be so beautiful and somewhat entertaining, if it wasn`t for Merida`s father`s guards that are watching over her. She can`t be seeing the young shepherd she fell in love with and now she can not kiss him anymore. But, as you know, Merida is all brave! So, no guards and no little brothers of her, will stop her from kissing her beloved one. Click the image in order for Merida to kiss the shepherd. Hold the mouse button to give more kisses. But be careful, the guards and your younger brothers must not see you kissing the shepherd. Go on, you little mischief!

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