About Midnight Rush

Imagine you had only few hours to attend the royal ball of your dreams, an event that will change your entire life. Now imagine the rush one may go through upon such occasions. But can you imagine what it is like to have the opportunity to go to such a ball, but not have proper clothes for the even?! How horrible it would be! Well, Cinderella has gone through this kind of hardships. Living with her wicked stepmother, Lady Tremaine and her two step sisters – Anastasia and Drizella, poor Cinderella hadn`t time to go places, nor to visit the royal ball that was thrown by Prince Charming. She desperately wanted to go there, but if it hadn`t been for Fairy Godmother, the kindest of ladies, Cinderella would have never attended the ball, and have never met Prince Charming. Now, guess what – this game brings you the opportunity to be Cinderella`s Fairy Godmother and design her a beautiful outfit for the upcoming ball! Your mouse will serve you as a magic wand. With its use, you will discover a plenty of clothes to be wore by Princess Cinderella. Your task, however, is to choose the ones that fit her best. In this matter, you can trust your taste. You can choose a nice top for Princess Cinderella, or design her a whole gown. Girls love jewels, so go on and add some jewels to Cinderella`s hands and years! The final piece of your work should be Cinderella`s hairstyle. Though it can not be changed, you can dye her hair with different colors – black, red and even blue! Experiment and have fun!

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