About Royal Ball

Princess Belle is one of the most famous and adorable Disney Princesses. She is kind to everyone, but she may also be rebellious. She may turn rebellious when someone boorish proposes to marry her. That is what Gaston, a fellow villager, did. Of course, the beautiful and intelligent Belle rejected him. Also, Belle displays boldness and commitment to her father, Maurice, by going directly to Beast`s castle in order to save him. There, at the Beast`s castle, Belle encounters Lumiere and Cogsworth who soon become her best friends. After her meeting with Beast, she falls in love with him. But of course, all of this seem familiar to you if you have watched Disney`s `The Beauty and the Beast`. However, what Disney didn`t show you, is that after the credits roll, Beauty and Beast have their beautiful wedding. Just like other weddings in Disney`s world, the bride should throw a great ball after the wedding. Princess Belle is, however, tired after her wedding. That is why she asks you to help her design a beautiful gown for the upcoming event. Will you help her? Begin dressing Princess Belle from the very panties! Choose an outfit that suits her beautiful eyes and makeup best. In order to give her an individual look, put some fine necklaces on her slender neck! That would surely look just gorgeous. In the end, you are the one to choose how to dress Princess Belle. So, go on, and experiment!

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