About Room Decoration

Princess Belle is a wonderful girl. She is intelligent, friendly and kind to absolutely anyone she encounters in her way. She loves spending her time with her father, Maurice, who happens to be an inventor. Also she loves to read her book which over the years gave her a significant amount of knowledge. After the adventures she goes through along with her friends in `Beauty and the Beast`, Princess Belle marries the Beast and manages to restore the love and laughter to the castle. Thanks to her courage and kindness, castle`s servants like Lumiere and Cogsworth, were to turned back into human beings! Now Princess Belle lives with her husband, the Prince, in the castle, and she has a lot of things to do. Happily, there is you, a wonderfully helpful person, who will surely give Belle a hand. As Princess Belle has recently moved at the castle completely, she now has to arrange her room. She needs a plenty of things. The walls should be painted, the carpets on the floor should be chosen from amongst a pile of them. Moreover, there are a lot of beautiful flowers to choose from, and Princess Belle simply can not pick one. So, you are the one who shall help her with this difficult job. Create and design the perfect interior for Belle`s room – from carpets to sofas and paintings on the wall – everything will be tailored just the way you wish. So, have fun!

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