About Belle Hidden Objects

Castles, especially the ones that are featured in Disney`s movies, are usually a place of joy, where princesses spend time along with their family and friends. But the castle that is featured in `The Beauty and the Beast` is different. It is a gloomy, desperate place. It was once cursed, so the Beast`s castle is now under a terrible spell that keeps its inhabitants in the shapes of… objects! However, the course couldn`t destroy the kindness of those who were once the inhabitants of the Beast`s castle. Thanks to this, Princess Belle makes some good friends at the castle – Lumiere and Cogsworth. They are friendly and kind to Belle. They also offer Princess Belle a hand with finding the objects that miss from the castle. Will you join them on their search? If you agree to help Princess Belle, Lumiere and Cogsworth to find the hidden objects, than you should know that the objects went missing when another horrible spell was cast on the castle. But with a little experience in finding hidden objects, you can break this spell. So, look closely at your game screen. What do you see? A beautiful winter landscape and charming pair dancing on the ice. Why, it is Belle and Beast! But there is something hidden beyond the landscape. Can you find it? Can you find everything that went missing from the castle? Click on the objects to collect them. The objects you need to collect are displayed at the bottom of your screen. Good luck!

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