About Pocahontas Wedding

Wedding is one of the most important thing in one`s life. Disney princesses, just like everybody else, want their wedding to be perfect. Everything has to be ideal – from guests to the ring and wedding gown. But when an Indian princess comes to England in order to marry her man, things can turn a little bit different. As you have already guessed, we are here talking about Pocahontas. She a young, free-spirited woman who is believed to have shamanic powers, as she is able to talk with spirits of the forests. She is the daughter of Powhatan tribe chief. She is also a good friend with animals. That is why she loves walking the woods along with Meeko – a gray, furry raccoon. However, when whites invade her native lands, she is forced to stand up against the invaders. She falls in love with a man named John Smith and after awhile she heads to England. In this game, you will have the opportunity to prepare Pocahontas`s wedding gown. Would you choose a simple, fresh-looking dress, or will you prefer something classy? It is up to you decide. Just don`t forget to put Pocahontas a tiara on her head and wish her a happy marriage.

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