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About Pocahontas Makeup Game

Since we have brought you so many games that feature Disney princesses, we thought it would be nice of us to bring a really special person you can play with. Yes, you might have guessed it, it is also a Disney princess! But Pocahontas is not only a Disney princess, she is also a real historical figure! Believe it or not, Powhatan Indian tribe you have heard of in the `Pocahontas` Disney movie existed indeed! So, here you are a chance to play along with a real princess! And Pocahontas know what it is like to be a real princess. Being an Indian princess, someone you surely like to hang with, Pocahontas is a free-spirited and highly spiritual young woman. She also is believed to have some shamanic powers, because she is able to commune with nature, empathize with animals and even talk to spirits. What Pocahontas doesn`t know, is that most princesses should wear their makeup upon different occasions. Pocahontas`s tribe doesn`t have any knowledge about makeup, but you do! So, why don`t you give the brave Indian princess a fine makeup? Just like in other `makeup games`, your task is to give the princess a good makeup. Look all over your game screen in search of various tools. You will find anything that you need to give Princess Pocahontas a wonderful makeup – from lipsticks to new hairstyles. Have fun!

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