About Winter Dress Up

Rejoice, friends! The winter has come to the enchanted world of Disney, pouring its heavy snowflakes on princesses` hair! The world is veiled in white and the beauty of the season makes both the kids and adults to smile brightly. But there is even a bigger holiday coming! It is Christmas! Are you prepared for it? Princess Aurora, the Sleeping Beauty, and her husband, Prince Phillip, are about to depart on a long and interesting trip to the mountains. Since Princess Aurora has never gone to the mountains, as she slept the most part of her life, she is now very excited about their trip. All the stuff is packed, the horses are ready, the friends are on the back seat, but suddenly, Princess Aurora realized that she hasn`t taken anything for her to wear up in the mountains. Will you quickly suggest her a few clothes that will keep her warm and also will make her stand out from the crowd? Surf the options on the left part of your game screen and prepare your favorite princess for her upcoming adventure. Choose a stylish outfit and let Princess Aurora enjoy the snow. However, don`t forget that mountains are cold, and you don`t want her to catch a cold, do you? Have fun!

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