About Stylish Princess

Girls, especially Disney princesses, simply adore classy, shining clothes. Although they are simple in nature, kind and respectful, all of them like to wear things kind of says to you: `I`m princess!`. They get a lot of clothes, and you, as a player, get a chance to dress them and design them different patterns. This game once again gives you the opportunity to dress a princess. This time, the princess of our choice is Princess Aurora, the Sleeping Beauty. At her birth she was granted with magic gifts from three good fairies that came to Aurora`s castle – Flora, Fauna and Merryweather. She was granted with stunning beauty and with a beautiful voice. However, an evil witch, cursed Aurora, so that she should prick her finger on a spinning needle and die by the age of sixteenth. As you may know, the love kiss of Prince Phillip, whom Princess Aurora was betrothed with from her early childhood, broke the witch`s spell. Now, Princess Aurora is wide awake. She needs a dress for an upcoming party. All her friends will attend the party, so she needs to dress properly. As she is quite confused with her choices, don`t you want to give her a hand with choosing an outfit? Get a chance to surf through Aurora`s drawer, and pick the clothes you like most. Get her a flawless gown and don`t forget to put some jewels on her neck. You can also change Aurora`s hairstyle, as to surprise your friends. Have fun!

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