About Sleeping Beauty Objects

Let us think a little bit – what is the most important object a true princess should always carry with her? Is it her splendid gown, or maybe her jewels? No, the most important thing in a princess` outfit is her tiara. Golden or silver, a true princess, would always wear her tiara upon all sort of official occasions. But what happens when a princess, a beautiful Disney princess like Aurora, the Sleeping Beauty, loses all her tiaras? Should she try and find them, or is it better for her to let it go, and not wear tiaras anymore? Well, Princess Aurora, the Sleeping Beauty, thinks that she should find the tiaras no matter what. As you know, the princess was cursed by a wicked witch named Maleficent. Princess Aurora should have pricked her finger on a spinning needle and die. But her aunts, the three good fairies, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, put princess Aurora into a deep sleep. Now, as Aurora is awake, she is about to wear her tiaras, but unfortunately couldn`t find them as she is still drowsy. Would you find them for her? If yes, then you might now what to do. Search for Princess Aurora`s tiaras all over your game screen. You will stumble upon some of them, but most of tiaras will skillfully blend with the background. You will gain points for finding tiaras. However, be careful, as Aurora will retract points from you if you misclick a tiara. Good luck!

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