About Find the Differences

Aren`t games in which you have to find the differences between to pictures challenging? They definitely are, since Disney princesses know exactly how to conceal little differences from the eyes of most observant of the players. But you have probably been through a lot of this kind of hardships, so you must have a dead eye at spotting little differences. However, this game still challenges you. Call all your friends and see if you can spot the differences. The princess you will be playing with is Princess Aurora, the Sleeping Beauty. Aurora adores the kind of games where you are the one to desperately seek for the differences. And she also adores to conceal things! As you will see while playing this game, she is really good at this. Princess Aurora can make even the most conspicuous objects little and barely discernible. She is also good at filling her pictures with the most beautiful of the colors. Thus, you will really have to dig deep in order to spot the differences. For each difference you spot, you will gain twenty five points. If you misclick any difference, ten points will be retracted from your final score. At the bottom of your game screen, there is also a `hint` button. Use it only when you are absolutely confused about the picture (which, of course, may sometimes happen). You will, however, lose a lot of points if you get to use the hints. Good luck!

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