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About Seven Dwarfs Decor Game

Disney stories have long become somewhat interactive. Haven`t you heard about an interactive story? Well, an interactive story may resemble the same old version of a Disney movie, or simply a single scene from a Disney movie, but with one huge difference – you are the one who chooses the aspect of story. It is about the decorum – the way those clouds in the distance are introduced in the frame, the way characters stand and act with one another. It is like you become the leading designer of a scene for a single moment. Wouldn`t that be cool? Here on our website, we believe it certainly will be cool and entertaining. That is why we brought you this game. As you can see, it features some familiar characters – Snow White, the cutest and the most gentle of all the Disney princesses and her loyal friends – the seven dwarfs. In this particular scene, Snow White and the seven dwarfs are out in the woods. As a skillful and talented story teller, Snow White tells an interesting story to the seven dwarfs. Somewhere in the distance, there lurks the evil witch – Queen Grimhilde – Snow White`s wicked stepmother. However, all these things are a little bit messed up. That is why you get the role to arrange all the figures in their position. Drag and drop the figures using your mouse. You can also drag your mouse on the purple heart in the left corner of your screen to reveal a suggested way to arrange the figures. Nevertheless, you do not necessarily have to arrange figures in that way. Who said a tree can`t float in the sky? You can arrange things in any possible way with this game, so why don`t you give it a try?

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