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About Queen Grimhilde Objects Game

If you have watched Disney`s `Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs` then you surely know its protagonist – Snow White – a cute and gentle girl who is always obedient and funny. However, after her father marries another woman, the evil Queen Grimhilde, her life goes rough. Queen Grimhilde believes that she is fairest one in the world, but the enchanted mirror says that Snow White is about to become the fairest in the world. That is when Snow White`s problem started. How many attempts Queen Grimhilde made to harm her stepdaughter! In the Disney movie you probably saw a few of them. That wicked, evil woman gave a poisoned apple to Snow White, but after the love kiss of a handsome prince, Snow White is back alive after a deep sleep. In this game, Queen Grimhilde makes another attempt to ruin Snow White`s life. She managed to hide all the things Snow White will need for her wedding. Flowers, cute, little birds, banners – everything is now blend with the background. Will you help Snow White find out all the hidden objects? To do this, simply click on the object if you think you spot one. However, do not misclick any object, or you will lose points. The objects you have to discover are shown at the bottom of your screen. Take a look around, you will surely find them all. Find all the objects that Snow White needs and once again defeat the evil Queen Grimhilde.

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