About King Triton`s Tournament

King Triton is the mighty king of the ocean which in someway resembles Poseidon. He has his powerful trident who is believed to bring storms at the time when King Triton is enraged. Also, he has deep love and care for his daughters, including Ariel, the little mermaid. As you know from the Disney movie `The Little Mermaid` Ariel is fond of collecting human objects. You can always spot her by the shipwrecks looking for something to decorate her grotto with. King Triton, however, does not like his daughter`s passions and forbids her to collect human objects. He believes that humans are bad creatures. But King Triton does not want his daughter to be bored and to have nothing to do at the bottom of the ocean, in their beautiful palace. That is why he organized a perilous tournament in which any sea inhabitant could participate. The goal of the tournament to survive as much as you can and to kill all the enemies. Are you in? If yes, then be prepare to experience a real challenging tournament. In this game you can play with either Ariel, or her father, King Triton. They have different abilities, so we can recommend you to try them both. Control the movements of your characters using the arrows on your keyboard. Also, you can use their special abilities by pressing `enter` button. Try it and see what happens. However, don`t forget that your abilities can not be used an infinite amount of times and they should be recharged. Have fun and good luck in winning the tournament!

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