Little Mermaid Sliding Puzzle

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About Little Mermaid Sliding Puzzle Game

Isn`t it wonderful how Internet expand the boundaries of our favorite stories and movies. With few clicks, you can now continue the adventures of your favorite Disney characters. If you got here, then you`re probably willing to get a glimpse of Ariel and her friend Flounder, arent`t you? Well, you can get it, but first, why don`t you help the little mermaid and her best friend to solve a little sliding puzzle? Ariel, the little mermaid, adores to swim through her father`s possessions and to explore wrecks. At her grotto, she has an enormous collection of human objects such as books, pots, mugs, globes and chests of jewels. She also enjoys to explore shipwrecks in search of various objects she collects. But what she adores most is to be photographed. Didn`t you know about that? Well, Ariel definitely has a passion for that. That`s why her friends Flounder and Sebastian are always with her. Unfortunately, an underwater storm broke the photo into pieces. Poor Ariel is so upset – it was a beautiful shot of her and her friends. You can just let her suffer like that. Would you give her a hand in putting the pieces back? How wonderful! Ariel will love to hear that! First, choose the appropriate size of the puzzle you want to solve. You can either choose a small, or a bigger one. Solve the puzzle by moving the pieces between them. To do that, click on the puzzle piece to slide it to the empty side. With a little patience, you will do just right! Have fun!

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