About Mermaid Nails

Mermaids are beautiful sea creatures that adore to sing to sailors, thus luring them to their deaths. But if you have watched Disney`s `The Little Mermaid`, you may know that mermaids are not that dangerous, but are actually sweet and gentle, just like Ariel! But let us see what you know about mermaids in general, shall we? Have you ever asked yourself what do mermaids do in their spare time? Or how they interact with each other? Both the Disney movie and this game can answer you those two questions. So, as you may know from the movie, mermaids, especially Ariel loves to collect human objects. Her biggest dream is to walk on the shore and be human someday. As she loves to collect human objects, Ariel, the little mermaid, could often be seen around the ship wrecks where it is more likely that she will find something useful. She is not alone, though, as she has her loyal friends by her side – Flounder and Sebastian. One day, the three friends found a box with different nail polishes within it. Ariel took the box at her grotto, but unfortunately doesn`t know how to use the nail polishes, as she has never used them before. That is why she needs you, her best friend, to help her with her nails makeover. Inspect the box properly. You will find a multitude of things to apply on Ariel`s nails – nail stickers, bracelets, rings and more! Use them all and let Ariel`s cute hands look even better. With your help, Ariel will be the most beautiful of all the mermaids in the ocean. Have fun!

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