About Aladdin Jigsaw Puzzle

Isn`t today a beautiful day to solve some jigsaw puzzles? It surely is, since it is always the right time to immerse yourself in the beautiful, breathing world of Disney princesses. Bring your friends in front of the computer and try to solve this one as fast as you can. This time, the jigsaw you ought to solve is related to Princess Jasmine. She is the Princess who made her first appearance in the `Aladdin` Disney movie. She is intelligent and has a taste for adventures. Moreover, she has an animal friend like no Disney princess had before – a tiger named Rajah. Her adventure beyond the castle walls starts when she meets Aladdin, a young man who makes his living by stealing food from the local market. If you have played other games on our website, then you may know how happy Jasmine was when she had her first flight on Aladdin`s flying carpet! But her adventure doesn`t end there. Now, in order to continue on her adventure, Princess Jasmine and Aladdin have to solve this little puzzle. Choose a puzzle piece and using your mouse, try to find its location on the picture. By completing the puzzle, Jasmine and Aladdin will be able to move forward. Your reward will be the final picture you`ve made from puzzle pieces. With a few click, you ca easily print it, and why not, stick it on your wall. So, bring your friend, solve Jasmine`s puzzle and continue your enchanting journey in the Disney world.

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