About Jasmine Nails

Every young girl would surely like a ride on a flying carpet under the glimmering stars. Princess Jasmine, the daughter of the Sultan of Agrabah, has longed for an adventure beyond the castle`s walls for a long time. The person who took her on a such unforgettable adventure was Aladdin – a young thief from the nearby village. When the two of them met, Princess Jasmine was happier than ever before. It was the adventure she wanted – a perilous, but an enchanting one. However, before Jasmine went to meet Aladdin, just like other girl, she had wanted her nails to look just perfect. That is why she needs your help. Princess Jasmine knows that your are the one here who knows everything about nails makeover. So, what do you say, will you help Princess Jasmine? If yes, then you will be surprised of how many nail polishes and nail stickers young princess has in her collection. Truly, an Arabian woman knows how to make her hands look perfect. You can choose from a multitude of nail polishes in order to give Jasmine`s nails that perfect look she wants. Moreover, just like in real life, you are able to pick different colors for each nail, so don`t be afraid to experiment. Later you will be able to erase the nail polish anyway. Also, don`t forget that Arabian girls, especially princesses like their hands to be shining! To give Jasmine`s hand that particular shine, you can choose between a set of bracelets or rings! Try them out! You will like it!

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