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About Rapunzel Dress Up Game

Princesses are believed to have happy destiny. They are princesses, right? They must have an easy life! However, Disney usually puts it in a different way. Whether you`ve watched some of the Disney movies, or maybe played some of the games on our website, it is obviously that princess are not that happy as they allegedly are. Most of the times, they have to fight for their happiness. Rapunzel, as one of the Disney princesses, also fights for her happiness and in the end, is able to achieve her most sacred dreams. Do you know what are her dreams? Well, they may slightly vary from the dreams of a ten-year-old girl. As Rapunzel is locked in her secluded tower, she is eager to see the lights of the beautiful, distant city closer. It is indeed a charming sight, and when Flynn Rider gets into her tower, she compels him to take her to the lights. Why, don`t you know about the Festival of Lights? Well, it is an enchanted even held within the kingdom realms which gathers people from around the world. But before Rapunzel takes part in the Festival of Lights to which she is driven so madly, someone has to help her dress, so that people knew that she was the lost princess kidnapped years ago by Mother Gothel. Would you take the responsibility? Upon achieving her most sacred dream, Rapunzel really wants to look beautiful, so you should give your best. Try on different outfits – from simple dresses, to stunning gowns. Let Rapunzel shine like a diamond under the Festival`s floating lanterns by stylizing her with accessories such as bracelets, and what is more important, crowns!

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