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About Snow White Horse Riding Game

If you had a Magic mirror in your room, what would you ask it to tell you? Maybe you`ll want to find out if that lousy boy from the next door loves you? Or maybe you`ll want to know how many friends you have. Imagine that possibilities would be endless, since the mirror is a magic one. And a Magic mirror never lies, don`t you know? Well, despite of all your possible questions, a wicked woman named Queen Grimhilde, would always ask the mirror who is the fairest one of all. Indeed, she was a cruel woman, that kind of woman who you may know as villain in many Disney movies. The evil woman abhorred her stepdaughter, Snow White, for her beauty. One terrible day, when she understands that Snow White will sooner or later become more beautiful than herself, she ordered a Huntsman to kill little Snow White. Poor Snow White! How desperately she ran out of the castle! Luckily, she found a white, beautiful horse that can run faster than any winds do. But she new that her stepmother`s Huntsman is after her. Now, help little Snow White to escape the Huntsman. Take the control over a flawless horse and ride it right into the heart of the woods. To control and balance Snow White`s horse, use the arrow keys on your keyboard. Be fast and collect all the possible golden stars you can find on your way. Snow White really counts on you, so don`t disappoint her. Once you`ll rich Dwarfs` house, you are safe. But until then, run for your life.

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