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About Naveen Spin Puzzle Game

Tiana was an ambitious young woman from New Orleans who unlike other Disney princesses, never wanted to know the taste of the adventure. She was rather hard working, than adventurous and she liked it that way. But after she makes a wish on the Evening Star, Tiana`s life becomes filled with adventures of a funny, yet dangerous type. When she meets a frog who claims itself to be a prince that have been cursed a lot of time ago, Tiana doesn`t know that this little, sticky, arrogant frog will become her life companion. And how do you acquire a life companion? Right, you go on an unforgettable adventure with them! That`s why after princess Tiana turned into a frog, she and prince Naveen go at the New Orleans bayous. What they were seeking is a magical cure for their course, but what they did found is adventure. Among other adventures they lived at the New Orleans bayous, this one may be one of the most challenging. That`s why princess Tiana and prince Naveen need your help – they can`t continue their trip without your help. The problem they are struggling with is a complicated puzzle. They`ve been trying to solve it for a long time already, but that brought them no success. Will you help princess Tiana and her companion to solve this one? How great! Now, to move the puzzle pieces around is not that difficult. You have to simply click on the puzzle piece and instead of moving it, it will turn clockwise automatically. Basically, your goal is to complete the picture of prince Naveen and princesses Tiana, so they could go on with their adventure. They would be so grateful to you. Good luck!

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