About Jasmine and Aladdin

Collecting lost things for the Disney princesses may seem a familiar thing to you, if you are a veteran of our website. The problem is, princesses always lose something during their busy routine. Sometimes finding princesses` things may seem a little tedious for young kids just like you. But when searching for princesses` stuff takes place during an enchanting flight high above the Arabian grounds, the whole thing may turn interesting and even challenging. This is the kind of game you will be playing – interesting and challenging. During their fly, Princess Jasmine and Aladdin lost a few lamps! The night is beautiful and the stars are glimmering so brightly, that they are simply stunned by the Arabian night`s beauty. That is why they can`t find any lamp and they really need your help with that. You are the one who will surely track down all the lamps on the screen! So, keep an eye open for the golden, magic lamps. Using your magnifier, try and find them all as fast as you can. In order to collect lamps from within the satin-blue night sky, you will have to aim your magnifier in the very center of the lamp and click the left mouse button. Jasmine and Aladdin will grant you points for finding lamps. However, they can also retract points from you for missing the lamps. It may happen, because they are hidden very well, and they blend with the background. Good luck!

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