About Belle Princess Dress Up

Princesses, just like little girls, have to look good for special occasions. That`s why on our website you can dress any Disney princess for any occasion just the way you want! Isn`t that perfect? It doesn`t even matter what occasion you prepare your princess for. Whether it is a royal ball with dances and fancy people, or a little tea party with animal friends that came from the woods to pay you a visit, a princess should be wearing a nice, stylish outfit. Belle, the protagonist from `The Beauty and the Beast` is aware of that, but in her busy busy world, she doesn`t quite have time for that. Of course, how could a princess, whose mission is to restore the love and laughter to a castle and break a horrible curse, can have time for fancy dresses and royal parties? This time, Disney features a princess yet to become, since Belle, is a simple girl from a French village. During the enthralling Disney movie, which we recommend you to watch as soon as possible, Belle manages to break the course and what appeared to be a cruel and hateful Beast, turned into a fair prince which fell in love with beautiful Belle. Now, the beauty and Prince Adam have to prepare for their wedding and they chose you to dress Belle! What a chance! What do you think fits Belle best – a fancy, yellow gown with bare shoulder, or a simple dress? Choose what do you like most and let them have a wonderful time together!

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