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About Barbie as Rapunzel Game

Children simply adore playing with their toys. As usual, boys play with cars, motorcycles and super heroes while girls play with dolls. How much delightment such popular dolls as Barbie and her boyfriend Ken give to kids! Literally, they could spend days playing with their favorite toys. But one day, sooner or later, they would be bored and they would toss their lovely Barbie into some box. In her lonely box, Barbie would have nothing to do but to think of her distant Disney friend – Rapunzel. Her fate isn`t much happier either. You may know that Rapunzel was kidnapped by Mother Gothel when she was a little baby and was compelled to spend her days in a remote towers all by herself. How poor this too little girls are. However, when Flynn Rider comes to her tower, Rapunzel ventures on an enchanted adventure in which she would finally see the floating lights she dream about. If you had played other Rapunzel games on our cool website, then she mustn`t have been very lonely, we can assure you. You can certainly keep one`s company. But now, would you kindly entertain poor little Barbie who has been tossed in a box? Show Barbie that she has not been forgotten. You have plenty of ways to entertain her. Whether you dress herself in a new, stylish dress, or you pick a tiara for her, she would absolutely enjoy your company. See the palette up there? Then go ahead and pick a color for Barbie`s dress! She would enjoy it so much! Have fun!

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