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About Ariel Makeup Game

Princess Ariel is a little mermaid which you may know from both Hans Christian Andersen`s story and Disney movie with the same title. She is a cute and intelligent girl who spends her day with her friends – a squeamish red crab called Sebastian and a funny and energetic fish – Flounder. Ariel is the daughter of the mighty King Triton who rules the ocean. As you may know, mermaids love to sing for sailors. Their voice is so beautiful, that usually sailors crash their ships into cliffs and fall to their death into the cold water. But Ariel is not like that, not at all! She is kind, generous and her most impetuous desire is to get to know a human being, someone from surface. She beliefs that one day she will live a human`s life on the surface, just for a little. Thus, in the whole ocean there is no living being more curious than Ariel. Her curiosity, of course, sometimes gets her into troubles, but troubles mean nothing for a real mermaid. She can handle it all! Being curious all day, like a naughty, little girl, Ariel finds a makeup box. Can you imagine yourself?! A makeup box on the bottom of the ocean?! Well, in the beautiful, enchanted world of Disney, everything is possible! Help Ariel apply her new, stylish makeup and impress her underwater friends with it. Search the box and use lipsticks and eyeliners. You can even dye Ariel`s hair, why not? Have fun!

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