About Arabian Dressup

A girl should look good in any outfit. An Arabian girl, who happened to be the daughter of Agrabah`s Sultan all the more! However, Princess Jasmine, does not like to wear fancy dresses. She prefers to spend time with her tiger friend – Rajah in a comfortable outfit. She likes her father`s castle, but she longs for an adventure beyond the castle grounds. When Aladdin, a poor thief from the village, stumbles upon hear, Jasmine knows that her adventure is about to begin. But a princess have to be dressed properly for a fly on a flying carpet, even if she doesn`t like choosing outfits. That is why this time you will be the one to choose an outfit for Princess Jasmine. She will love it, since she really trusts you. Look and surf the options that are on your game screen. You can pick Jasmine a necklace, a beautiful dress and you can even change her hair color! Haven`t you thought about turning Jasmine`s raven-black hair blonde? If yes, than this game should fulfill your desires. Prepare Princess Jasmine for her upcoming adventure high above the Arabian grounds!

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